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Fine Art Painting and Photography


Drawings, Paintings

“Trung’s initiative spirit has enabled him to embrace different techniques and styles throughout his career. Recently he returned to his original medium – oil. This new series of work clearly demonstrates his intensive knowledge of this medium and reflects his years of study in this area. Those fifteen oil paintings, titled ‘Engadin – Light and Shadow’ depict the Engadin Mountains."


Landscape Photography

 “This versatile artist's love of nature shines through his work, of which the water-panoramas are fine examples. Trung's artworks of the local landscape capture the very essence of the scenery. The willingness to explore new methods and refine techniques has produced striking photographic art works where the depth of beauty and the 'true' light of the study invite the viewer to move into a space of quiet contemplation.”


Graphic Art, Prints

“The exciting graphic artwork of Trung Truong is now on display at the Galerie Kunsthalle St. Moritz. Trung’s work vividly brings to life the landscape and sporting life of St. Moritz and the Engadin. In his exploration of the graphic art world Trung has been creatively energised – the vitality of the work is unmistakable and his passion evident.”

Artists Profile: Meet the Artists
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