Paintings in Painting  ( Window of memories )

Location: 2420 Geelong-Portarlington Rd  Bellarine, Victoria 3223 Australia

+61.473 622 920

Early one morning in the studio, I decided to cut one of my sketches into pieces.  Suddenly I had hundreds of small pictures; Small pieces of memories, trying to make sense with one another.
An endless series of emotions, old, new, incoherent memories, random moments squeezed into a window, trying to gain visibility.  It was like a long dream, pleasant, yet part nightmare.  What was it all about? Did it make any sense?
I was inspired! I cut more sketches, hundreds of them, old and new. I was not destroying, but creating.
An artist I know, once burnt his old paintings to make room for new ones…destroy your own artwork…are you crazy???
I did not want to destroy my sketches, but create something new from the old. The new paintings contain hundreds of smaller paintings. I call it “Paintings in Painting”
Each piece represents a small window in my life; memories, thoughts and dreams. Random memories, yet all connected. Ten years of creative process, many concepts, techniques and experiments; A visual imagining of my life. This is the start of a new experience, a new journey.

Trung Truong.


Art Gallery on The Bellarine Peninsula Geelong Victoria